A violent racing game – Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is really a browser flash game that was made in The year 2010. Several playable heroes are featured in the game that use specific cars to move throughout the many levels of the game. This game has fast become trendy for the amount of content created by its players regularly together with its graphic violence.


The tagline of the game is to choose an terribly organized racer and certainly seek for wining, in spite of the bad consequences. The gameplay of the game is superb, as it’s a physics-based game with an fascinating racing scenes. Also remember, that in Happy Wheels game it is possible to eject from your vehicle even during the race.

Every single level also tells what mission the user has to pursue in this game. Practically in most levels, your goal is to find tokens and get to the finish point. However in several stages, you simply will not have any mission, or it’ll be completely different.
Visual assault is exposed in Happy Wheels. As an example , many challenges can harm your character or simply kill him. Graphic elements also have animated blood loss and loss of arm. This game features a replay option, so its possible to quickly watch replay of your actions and even upload or talk about it with other players. A level editor is also featured in the game, so unique levels may also be made by players. A lot of items and resources for level creating are within it.

Tips To Play Happy Wheels?
Even though this is a stupid browser flash game, you’ll lose yourself having fun with it, especially if you know how to play it.
1. You can actually set your own controls by using Choose Options function. This is extremely useful.
2. There are a number of levels in the game, some of them created by game enthusiasts. Pick one of them based on its status.
3. As soon as the race begins, hit the arrow keys to shift your character together with his vehicle forward. Spacebar control key should be used to use unique skill of the character, for example jump, or switch on the turbo engine.
4. Get over obstacles such as large spiders, gravity wells,landmines, and spikes to arive at the end line in every level to complete it.

My Reception
The Happy Wheels online game become popular in a pretty small amount of time. Experts agree it is viewed as one of the greatest free browser games. Gamers are getting to be keen on its level editor and the number of content that other gamers build. The game is free of charge, so don’t lose a chance to play it on the web and share your feelings with us.

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