Torture Your Friend in Torture Game 3

Not too many folks perform games at home on their PC or laptop but when it comes to office time, sandbox online games such as Torture Game 3 are quite addictive. There is something special that makes torture games incredibly enjoyable and usually it is not only the physical violence. This flash game employs some creative Flash animated graphics that reproduce natural movements of physical objects giving the unlucky character that’ll be tortured, a very life-like behavior.

The user interface of the game is very modest but has got every little thing required to have fun. The only thing which is annoying is the absence of a mute button to turn off the sounds as it can be a bit inconvenient to play the game at work without earphones. The menu of gear that you can use throughout the torture is very good, so you can easily torture your target until there’s nothing left. Different equipment like baseball bats, chainsaw among others may be used in many creative ways. The visuals of the bloody moments is rather poor,but even though this flash game is quite amusing and addicting.

Torture Game 3 is a online game with no mission, you’re just enjoying themselves and do anything you want. But it’s it’s not that much fun to torture a total stranger. This online game has a feature that allows players to upload a custom made face. Which means that anybody can torture their boss, spouse, husband or another person they want.

The game is very simple, that’s why you don’t need to read any instructions how to play it, it’s a funny killer of time. The achievement of the game actually made the programmers commit to to create a new version that may include a few more features.

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