Cubefield Game Review


Cube field is a free online brain game that is simple, intense and addictive. It is popular with kids who want to sharpen their attentiveness, reaction time and visual perception.

Playing cubefield game involves directing a ship using the left and right arrow keys through a field of cubes without running into any one of them (or else the game will be over). This calls for focusing on the path of the ship otherwise you will be bogged down after just a few seconds, because the pace of the ship increases as you play on. As the game proceeds, the background color changes from gray through black to fluorescent green and the points garnered increases.

To play the game successfully, you may need to magnify the field of cubes in order to enhance your visibility. The most important tip is concentrating on the path of the ship, and keeping your eyes glued to the screen. For you to beat the highest score, you need to a lot of practice, remember practice makes perfect!

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