Prank On Your Friends With Scary Maze Game

Exorcist-Scary_Maze_GameScary maze game is definitely an interesting game of labyrinth where you need to cross an item through a maze to the other end. Always be careful, as if you push the walls of the maze, you will have to start the level from the beginning. Today, there are a large number of various types of the game available over the web. The design and style and goal of this games may vary, even so the only thing will always be the same – moving through maze. Each release includes their own sound effects which improves the fun of playing.

The maze is getting tougher and tougher after each stage. The primary several levels are easy in almost all the versions and it starts getting tricky from level 3. It begins becoming frightening as well from level 3 as from level 3 onward any time you touch the wall of the labyrinth a frightful image is shown to you. If you are gaming for the first time, you’ll definitely get terrified however the chances of getting scared next time seem to be lesser.

Scary maze game isn’t just around fun, it is also about testing your patience. You should focus your attention and coordinate your eyes and hand moves to cross the levels. Relocating an item through the maze is quite tricky activity, consequently a little practice is usually necessary. One and only thing I will ask you concerning the game – please do not let the kids participate in it, the scary picture may damage them, because it is quite scary, better use the game to joke on your mates and coll

Torture Your Friend in Torture Game 3

Not too many folks perform games at home on their PC or laptop but when it comes to office time, sandbox online games such as Torture Game 3 are quite addictive. There is something special that makes torture games incredibly enjoyable and usually it is not only the physical violence. This flash game employs some creative Flash animated graphics that reproduce natural movements of physical objects giving the unlucky character that’ll be tortured, a very life-like behavior.

The user interface of the game is very modest but has got every little thing required to have fun. The only thing which is annoying is the absence of a mute button to turn off the sounds as it can be a bit inconvenient to play the game at work without earphones. The menu of gear that you can use throughout the torture is very good, so you can easily torture your target until there’s nothing left. Different equipment like baseball bats, chainsaw among others may be used in many creative ways. The visuals of the bloody moments is rather poor,but even though this flash game is quite amusing and addicting.

Torture Game 3 is a online game with no mission, you’re just enjoying themselves and do anything you want. But it’s it’s not that much fun to torture a total stranger. This online game has a feature that allows players to upload a custom made face. Which means that anybody can torture their boss, spouse, husband or another person they want.

The game is very simple, that’s why you don’t need to read any instructions how to play it, it’s a funny killer of time. The achievement of the game actually made the programmers commit to to create a new version that may include a few more features.

A violent racing game – Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is really a browser flash game that was made in The year 2010. Several playable heroes are featured in the game that use specific cars to move throughout the many levels of the game. This game has fast become trendy for the amount of content created by its players regularly together with its graphic violence.


The tagline of the game is to choose an terribly organized racer and certainly seek for wining, in spite of the bad consequences. The gameplay of the game is superb, as it’s a physics-based game with an fascinating racing scenes. Also remember, that in Happy Wheels game it is possible to eject from your vehicle even during the race.

Every single level also tells what mission the user has to pursue in this game. Practically in most levels, your goal is to find tokens and get to the finish point. However in several stages, you simply will not have any mission, or it’ll be completely different.
Visual assault is exposed in Happy Wheels. As an example , many challenges can harm your character or simply kill him. Graphic elements also have animated blood loss and loss of arm. This game features a replay option, so its possible to quickly watch replay of your actions and even upload or talk about it with other players. A level editor is also featured in the game, so unique levels may also be made by players. A lot of items and resources for level creating are within it.
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Super Mario Crossover Game

Super Mario crossover is the latest online game version meant to bring extra fun.The game is really trendy because it features characters from other games.All you have to do in order to enjoy this flash game is to install the newest release of Flash player.It’s a remake of a first Super Mario bros and can be enjoyed on personal computers or cell phones and incorporates upgrades e.g. it has hard and easy versions.The goal of the player in this particular flash game would be to advance through levels and deal with numerous enemies that he will discover on his way.

In my view, Super Mario Crossover is easily the most interesting game I have ever enjoyed. The primary reason why I enjoy this game a lot is that the game features a lot of different characters with different skills and abilities. When you die in the level,you are able to choose a different character. Almost all of the enemies are quite weak, they might be destroyed merely by jumping on top of them, but some appear to be really strong and you will have to do a few strikes.

This online game has five difficulty levels begining with very easy to super hard. When you begin this online game, you’ve got ten lives. Extra powers that every character can get will enable you to deal with the most powerful enemies.

Summary : Super Mario Crossover is a wonderful online game that has a lot of favorite characters, like Sonic, Megaman and others. The creator had also developed the 2nd and 3rd version of the game with even more interesting characters and levels, don’t forget to try them all.

Return Man 2 Game

If you love american football, the Return Man 2 game will probably be ideal for you. This video game is very easy but rather interesting. To keep away from undesirable activities you are able to participate in this interesting video game without paying even a single cent.

How to play Return Man 2?
Being a participant in this game you should defeat all the defenders to run back to the end zone with the ball.
The ball is in the yellow circuit, you need to snap it up before the time runs out.Use UP, DOWN, RIGHT and LEFT arrow keys or I, K, J and L to run forward, back, right and left in this game. In case you are not able to reach the end sector with ball, you’ll lose the ownership of the ballDifferent moves will be unlocked when you make your success toward the next level. The list of super moves is : A – Spin, S – Speed Burst, D- front flip. There are 15 levels of the game you need to complete.

Return Man 2 Game helps you to increase your analytical skills and managerial abilities as well. My verdict for this game is that for soccer lover, this game will undoubtedly be fantastic way to spend spare time.

The Best Online Soccer Games

Soccer-StarsSoccer is very enjoyable to play not only as the real sport, but like an online game also! For discouraged soccer gamers, it’s practically never too late to participate in the following activity simply because you can get involved in it online for free! Below is a list of greatest online football games which you can have fun with:

The Soccer Stars Game
Soccer Stars is a absolutely free and light sports online game. Once you load it, it will generally take you a matter of secs and you will be able to play the game right away. In this online game you’ll have to select your team. You will find Six teams in this game. The opponent will probably be picked randomly when you pick your own team. This online game is very addictive while the design is quite poor. It is tricky to get a score since you should really master the unit’s controls. The overall game is challenging and interesting to play.

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